John & Gay Ratka

Pastor John Ratka and his wife Gay Ratka were busy being involved in the ministry of Christian Life Center at their home Church in Cleveland, Texas. During the month of November 2001, Pastor John Ratka felt a call from the LORD JESUS to move to Austin, Texas in order to PLANT a NEW WORK for the Kingdom of GOD!

So, with the BLESSING of their PASTOR, Nelson Neyland and their HOME CHURCH, they moved to South Austin in January 2002. They took up residence at the Saddle Creek Apartments located at 10801 Old Manchaca Road in Austin, Texas.

It would not be long before GOD had introduced them to a family desiring to be a part of this NEW APOSTOLIC MINISTRY and they officially launched their FIRST MEETING in June of 2002 in the COMMUNITY ROOM of the apartment complex! This very first meeting was blessed with eight souls in attendance!

While in prayer Pastor Ratka and his wife ask the LORD what they should name this new work and HE laid the name APOSTOLIC LIFE CENTER upon their hearts. As it seemed so fitting for the work GOD had given them to do; this work was to engage with people who truly have the desire to pattern their life after the NEW TESTAMENT pattern given to us in the BIBLE. They desired to "CONTINUE steadfastly in the APOSTLES DOCTRINE".

For seven months this work continued in their apartment as well as the community center. Then GOD blessed them with their own home and for two and half years ALC continued to grow, and it became obvious they would need another facility.

In April of 2004, ALC began to rent a small mobile home, located at 12027 Bethel Church Rd. Manchaca, Texas. After a few years in this small setting, GOD has moved them to the larger metal building next door.

The location is a blessing and has served the congregation well. In anticipation of future growth of the ALC family, the Church is currently raising funds to assist with the ever-expanding call from God to serve South Austin.

The attributes that best describe Pastor John Ratka are strong preaching, leadership development, and counseling. He has expressed a burning desire to lead a church like Apostolic Life Center where biblical views are embraced and encouraged, with members who care about the needs of those around them and who want to connect others to the body of Christ.

Pastor John Ratka as well as his wife, Gay Ratka takes worship and preaching very seriously as it is GOD’S means to BUILD HIS FAITH in the hearts of people who have a desire to know JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR.

Pastor John Ratka has been happily married for 30 years and counting to his wife, Gay Ratka. They have three grown daughters and eight grandchildren.